Your logistics partner

Established in 2005, D'Alessandro Logistics is a subsidiary company of D'Alessandro Agent, a leading shipping company in Tunisia.

The group of companies represents some of the most important ship owners worldwide with a variety of services including but not limited to : container, Break and Liquid bulk, Ro-Pax service and cruise ships. We provide a wide range of services to ship owners, and our agencies can provide individualized products to each and every one of our clients thanks to the experience we've gained over the years.

After a great number of successful logistics projects and partnerships, we expanded our expertise by opening 2 branch offices in Uganda (Kampala) and in Algeria (Algiers).

Why us ?

End-To-End handling

We take into account all of the needs and expectations of the customer as well as any unique circumstances while determining the optimal mode of transportation. For each project, we provide practical delivery options that also save money.

Flexible payment terms

We provide each client flexible conditions for freight payments. In order to change the estimate for the load and delivery time, we will take into account each delivery route.

A full package

We provide the whole spectrum of services necessary for freight transportation. In the area of freight forwarding, we offer consultancy, insurance, and customs brokerage services.

Quality standards

We use appropriate qualified vehicles that are in compliance with current regulations to provide high-quality freight services. Our team is made of experienced professionals with relevant education who have worked in the freight industry for many years.

In General :

D'Alessandro Logistics has worked with a variety of industries, including mining, chemical and petrochemical producers, metallurgy, building materials industry, phosphate, agriculture, and retail.
We use cargo-specific vehicles from various fleets, as well as multimodal delivery.
Our experienced managers, engineers, and coordinators understand how to make delivery timely and cost-effective. Grain and fertilizers for agriculture, as an example, as well as polymer raw materials and materials for the petrochemical industry.

D'Alessandro Logistics has always been observant and socially conscious in its business operations since its inception in 2005. Our business values are founded on environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and good governance. Our approach to developing systems and outlining processes revolves around these values in order to reduce our environmental impact.

To incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) capabilities into our operating system, we implement effective resource management and use sustainable facilities. To reduce the social impact of business, we map our carbon footprint.
The land is an essential component of our industry. We intend to give back to the environment by incorporating ESG policies and initiatives into our operations.
Sustainable Logistics Company